On March 18, Mike McCarty, President of IABS, and Don C. Johnson, IABS Treasurer, were speakers at a recent joint seminar of the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi) and the Indiana Association of Background Screeners (IABS). Mike spoke on the regulatory and compliance challenges faced by screening firms and Don spoke on the mechanics of setting up a screening program with clients.

We were honored to have legislator Jeff Thompson of the Indiana House of Representatives as a special guest, who discussed the legislative process and actions of the past few years that have impacted how background investigations are conducted in Indiana. Representative Thompson has assisted IABS by sponsoring language that recognizes the best practice standard of name-based background checks. At the end of the program, we presented Representative Thompson with the Legislator of the Year award for 2016.

The handouts from the program are available for a fee. Contact info@indianabackgroundscreeners.com

Pictured here, left to right, IABS President Mike McCarty, Safe Hiring Solutions, Danville; Jeff Thompson, Indiana House of Representatives; and Don C. Johnson, CLI.