About Us

The Indiana Association of Background Screeners was formed in 2015 by a coalition of Indiana’s businesses that provide pre-employment and post-employment background screening and background investigation services to Hoosier businesses, large and small. Our primary mission is to protect the business community and the public at large from adverse legislation that fails to address or incorporate best practice standards when screening job applicants. Since its formation, IABS has been able to influence legislation that recognizes the best practices standard of name-based job applicant screening.

We encourage all Hoosier businesses to incorporate safe and sound background screening policies into their human resources platform. Blanket policies that do not recognize individual assessments for job applicants are in opposition to not only an effective hiring policy but, more importantly, often violate certain federal and state laws that govern pre-employment screening. A substandard screening process will expose a business to liability if it results in a lost job opportunity.